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Daddy Raunch: bareback threesome

HDK Raw,Trial Memberships 28 December 2012 | 0 Comments

Daddy Raunch

Hot Desert Knights brings you it’s hottest, most extreme Daddy DVD yet, Daddy Raunch! Featuring top Daddy Porn Stars Tober Brandt, Parker and Mason Garet, this scene goes over the top and under the holes in no hold bars sling fuck, bareback orgy action!

Big cocks pound holes as these real men grunt, groan and grovel for every piece of raw ass juice they can suck and fuck. These filthy men love to shoot assloads of cum then lick it out of the dirty hole. Extreme anal action as only Hot Desert Knights can produce. You need to see it to believe it!!

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Tomm and Denis in Bareback Campus 5

HDK Raw,Trial Memberships 21 November 2012 | 0 Comments

Denis Reed and Tomm at HDK Raw

These two college boys are really into getting slippery, and off. Tomm, the dark haired boy and his partner, Denis Reed are up for some “schooling” in this HDK Raw video of “Bareback Campus 5“. The two stroke one another and kiss. Tomm goes down on Denis and shows him another way to wash off the soap. Enjoy the enthusiasm that only comes from two boys working hard together.

Denis then has his turn at oral manipulation as he sucks the large shaft of Tomm. Also stroking himself, Denis has a nice large cock to satisfy. From the side of Tomm and Denis’ front, both are very happy working together, and it shows. Tomm guides his partner’s head to hit all the right spots, balls too.

The two move to the floor so Tomm can work on Denis‘ cock again, readying it for his hole. Both men moan, “yeah,” exactly what I’m thinking. From above we can appreciate all of Denis’ fine, hard abs and fine, hard cock, for that matter. Tomm spits on the head and tongues over it as he strokes. He then looks up at Denis, smiles and goes atop to ride. With Tomm above, Denis thrusts from below, firm and fast. Wow, class went by quickly, and hard, but they have not completed their “ASSignment;” come again and see the climax of their work.

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Alex Stevens barebacks Thor

HDK Raw,Trial Memberships 31 August 2012 | 0 Comments

Alex Stevens barebacks Thor

Well looks like these two boys are studying hard; everybody likes to have some schooling, must be Health class. HDK Raw has for our education “Bareback Campus 4“.

Two boys find time to do some extra research into human sexuality; fuck yeah, got to love them college boys. Alex Stevens will be in the cap, fucking Thor. Both guys are hot enough to eat; where’s the cafeteria? Let’s grab ‘a dog’ before the education begins.

As Alex goes first on sucking the cock, they both seem to receive pleasure from the oral stimulation. Thor grabs Thor’s legs, to bring him closer. The top devours, also sliding his hand in his pants, to fondle. Both guys have cocks to please.

Thor then takes his turn tasting the other one; he spits on the cock as he “reddens” the meat. Choking as he swallows, Alex face fucks the bottom, truly a girthy cock. Using his tongue on the shaft, the top is moaning and panting, wanting to fuck. Bending Thor over a trunk, Alex begins to rim his partner, eagerly.

After fingering the “bull’s-eye,” Alex plunges in; his ass muscles flex as he fucks the other schoolboy. When it comes to ass play, school is the best place to learn. The two will continue their lesson as I am sure we will return to this “class” again.

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Mr. Pipe fucks Wanted’s hungry ass

Red Hot Latinos,Trial Memberships 23 May 2012 | 0 Comments

Mr. Pipe fucks Wanted's hungry ass

Wanted’s from Arkansas, and says he’s hungry today. ”I’m gonna give you some protein,” declares the dreadlocked Mr. Pipe’. Wanted starts working Pipe’s tool in his hot mouth, fingering his low weighty balls lying on the leather sofa. ”Good job on that pipe,” he compliments as Wanted plays with the head of his nearly foot-long dick. Then

Wanted is pinned down on the couch, watching Mr. Pipe slam his bareback cock deep into his used hole. ”You like that raw dick in that ass?” asks Mr. Pipe. ”That’s what’s up!” retorts Wanted, which just makes Pipe pile drive him even harder. Wanted is rewarded with a face covered in hot homeboy jizz.

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Bareback double penetration

Hot Barebacking,Trial Memberships 1 March 2011 | 0 Comments

Partners Orion and Luke Cross are spending the afternoon in bed playing when Josh O’Heart comes by to join in on all the bareback fun. Orion needs both cocks up his steaming hole to really get a rise out of him, and he gets that plus two raw, hot loads buried deep inside him.

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