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Breeding Two Brothas

Raw Rods 20 August 2010 | 0 Comments

Oh boy do we got something here for you all! Three hot as hell and horny ass brothas ready to do it raw all night long. These freaks aint stoppin for nothin! Hotrod takes over in this one, fucking both Isaiah and Rogue bare in any way he damn pleases. The two do their best to please Hotrod makin sure he gonna get that nut!

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Black Thugs fuck Raw

Raw Rods 14 June 2010 | 0 Comments

DeAngelo and Remy Mars hookin up, two thugs who know how to fuck fa sho. DeAngelo is ready to fuck those pretty lips and Remy gives it his all. After gettin them cakes all juiced up DeAngelo is all excited to give it to Remy raw as fuck. Man, Remy knows how to ride a dick bareback and ain’t got no trouble taking DeAngelo’s big fat cock. These brothas just be fuckin non stop and Remy Mars slurps that jizz right outta DeAngelo’s monster cock!

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Black bareback fuck

Raw Rods 17 May 2010 | 0 Comments

Remy Mars runnin round Philly all confused n shit lookin for a place to stay. He so caught up in his phone he runs right into Hotrod and axe him where to stay around here. Hotrod is down for that, and invites Remy back to his hotel so he can check it out. I guess Remy won’t need to pay one himself, cuz these brothas be gettin down like they been fuck buddies for decades.

Remy’s lips are all over that dick and gettin it all lubed up. Remy wants to feel that shit now and Hotrod gonna give it to him raw. These two are feelin each other like crazy, Remy nuts all over that pretty hotel furniture while Hotrod is fuckin him doggy style, who then cums right in his ass. You gotta check out all that sticky stuff bubblin outta Remy’s fuckhole.

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