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Hot bareback flip flop fuck

$1 Memberships,Naked Sword 9 March 2012 | 0 Comments

Bone Me with Chase Lyons and Jesse Bryce

Jesse Bryce and Chase Lyons are paired up for a video called “Bone Me”. Both the Californian surfer dude Jesse Bryce and cute blong Chase Lyons are horny and when they strip naked, their cocks are rock hard already.

The hot guys waste no time and start sucking each other off. Just when you think their cocks can’t get any harder, they prove you wrong. It doesn’t take long before Chase forces his raw cock into Jesse’s hungry ass. He fucks that ass hard in various positions.

But Jesse wants his piece of ass too and demands Chase to offer him his ass. Chase agrees and lays down on the couch and pulls his legs up in order to give Jesse easy access to his own hole. It’s an amazing bareback flip flop fuck with two hot guys. Enjoy!

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Bareback Men at Work

$1 Memberships,Naked Sword 7 December 2010 | 0 Comments

Cody, a park ranger, should be patrolling the grounds but hey, it’s lunchtime and he’s ready for some action. He knows how to position himself so that young men walking by on their lunch hour will spot him jacking off. Before you can say McDonald’s, he’s caught the eye of dirty blond pretty boy Tucker. Cody, having played this game many times before, sprints off, unzipping his jeans as he runs.

Tucker, hot on his trail, takes the stairs leading down to a secluded glen two at a time. Barely winded, both young men meet in a shady clearing, where they embrace and kiss, nuzzling each other like playful pups. They strip nude, then Cody falls to his knees so he can lavish Tucker’s raw ramrod with some lascivious tongue action and deep sucking, getting it wet enough to easily split his ass cheeks in two.

Under a canopy of leafy trees, Tucker bends Cody over and works inch after inch of his fat cock between Cody’s creamy white ass cheeks doggie-style, filling the young stud full of hard raw dick. You can tell that part of the thrill of this spontaneous fuck is the danger of getting caught. As cars race by far down below on the road, Grant Adams’ camera zooms in tight, catching every detail of Tucker’s cock head as it pierces Cody’s anus, stretching it wide.

Tucker slams into Cody repeatedly, picking up the pace, two men caught in uncontrollable passion. Moving to the stairs, Tucker sits down and pulls Cody onto his lap for a front facing bareback fuck that’s sure to have you licking your lips. Watching these two pretty boys in action is a treat. Their vigorous humping will have you busting a nut even before they do!

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