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Matt West breeds Gabriel D’Alessandro

Hot Barebacking 25 May 2012 | 0 Comments

Matt West barebacks Gabriel D'Alessandro

Beefy golden-boy Matt West makes his debut to Hot Barebacking to breed porn veteran Gabriel D’Alessandro. Gabriel starts off by stripping Matt down and sucking on his thick meat and massive low-hanging balls till he begins to get hard and starts face-fucking the Latin hottie. Gabriel then lays Matt on his back, spreading his thick thighs apart to get to his virgin asshole, which he begins to tongue and feast on.

With Matt now worked up, Gabriel decides to deep-throat Matt till he is rock-hard and then lies down on the bed doggie-style and presents his tight hole, which Matt plunges his huge thick cock into and starts hammering away. With Matt’s gigantic balls slapping against Gabriel’s ass with every thrust, Matt throws the hungry bottom to the floor and continues pummeling his hole with stabbing thrusts.

Matt continues to make Gabriel his little bitch as he holds his legs up high over his head and fucks him even harder , until he bends him over the bed and plows the hell out of his ass, driving Gabriel to squirt a huge load all over his stomach, which Matt feeds into his mouth. Shortly after, Matt directs Gabe’s mouth back onto his dick and then jerks his huge cock, until it explodes with creamy jizz all over Gabriel’s face and mouth, which he licks clean.

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JJ Rossi bareback fucked by Kirby Thomas

Hot Barebacking 24 January 2012 | 0 Comments

Kirby Thomas barebacks JJ Rossi

If you like lean muscle and long cocks, this video from the guys at Hot Barebacking is probably gonna have you emptying those swollen balls of yours a few times! Of course, fans of the site and their awesome videos know that the real highlight of this action is seeing those shafts sliding into some ass raw. This is all about the gay bareback action after all!

JJ Rossi is ready to take some dick in his ass, slowly stroking his hard prick as he lays back on the bed ready to be discovered by the horny and hung Kirby Thomas.

He likes what he sees when he arrives, and in a flash his long and curved boner is sliding into JJ Rossi’s wet mouth, being sucked down and licked all over. I love to see a hot cock like that being totally worshipped, and JJ Rossi certainly knows how to take a face fucking, having those inches sliding in and out of his open throat!

But that guy needs more than the taste of hot cock meat and salty precum in his mouth to get his cock firing off, he needs those inches sliding deep into his chute! He’s after the gay bareback action from Kirby Thomas, and that’s what he gets as those hard inches of cock slide into his raw hole and prod deep.

JJ fights that familiar pain as all that dick rams into him, but soon he’s over the hump, taking that sliding piston of throbbing muscle in and out of his bare chute and savoring the sensation of that swollen fuck stick ramming him deep and smacking against his sensitive prostate.

JJ’s thick dick is hard and twitching all the way through as Kirby rides his hole all over the bedroom, fucking him in every position they can find before their balls just can’t take it any more and they both erupt in messy and squirting cum loads that splash all over that hot and sweaty muscle!

It’s an awesome bareback fuck shoot from this site, and one of my favorites so far I think. I’ve already shot two loads to this one, and I think there’s another wad getting ready for another jerk off after telling you about this video!

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Zack and Kirby double fuck Jason

Hot Barebacking 28 November 2011 | 0 Comments

Bareback threesome

Revved up hotties Zack, Jason and Kirby are ready to fuck every which way. They start making out and gag on each other’s meat in no time. Zack begins gorging on Jason’s ass, preparing it for what’s to come, while Jason deep-throats Kirby, continuing to gag and moan along the way as Zack crams his dick deep inside Jason’s tight hole with no warning.

Zack keeps stabbing away at Jason’s hole until Kirby feels it’s his turn to feed Jason’s ass, which he does relentlessly, while Zack and Jason take turns blowing one another. Zack and Kirby then lay on their back, ass-to-ass as Jason fearlessly sits on both cocks now pressed together, screaming as they double-fuck his ass bareback and brutally.

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Antonio Biaggi barebacks Andre Barclay

Hot Barebacking 13 October 2011 | 0 Comments

Hot Barebacking

Andre Barclay gives himself up to Antonio Biaggi’s legendary eleven-inch cock in this hot bareback video. It doesn’t take long for Antonio to bury his face in Andre’s ass to get him ready for the punishment about to take place.

Antonio pulls up Andre’s ass and pushes his fat cock into his slutty hole and drives it home raw. Andre is just the man for the job and takes Antonio’s meat sword all the way to the hilt screaming in pain and ecstacy. The fuck frenzy continues in every position imaginable until Andre can’t hold it and squirts out his man-juice.

Antonio uses Andre’s cum as lube until he blows his own load in the bottom’s ass. Andre then helps Antonio clean up by sucking all the good stuff off of Antonio’s monster cock.

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Christian Rock barebacks two holes

Hot Barebacking 25 June 2011 | 0 Comments

Hot bareback threeway at Hot Barebacking

This is a bareback threeway that you’re not going to want to miss. Miguel Temon finally gives up his virgin ass! He gets warmed up by a nice rim job before taking it a couple ways from Christian Rock and being seeded. Christian then finishes off Will Hurt, pumping a load in his ass too. Who’s next?

Download the full video here

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Nathan barebacks Ian

Hot Barebacking 28 April 2011 | 0 Comments

This is one hell of a great combination: big dick in a tight asshole. Ian Jay starts off slurping, choking and gasping as he sucks Nathan’s huge monster cock. Then Nathan Woods licks Ian’s pucker and lightly haired cheeks for what seems days (to Ian’s delight). The fucking is unstoppable until Nathan shoots a load, which he eats up. Ian also shoots and is fed his cum too!

Download the full video here

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