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College boys fuck bareback

Corbin Fisher 29 September 2010 | 0 Comments

It has been a while since I last checked Corbin Fisher, so I decided to see what kind of videos they have released in the past weeks. I was quit happy to see that they have added some more bareback videos and one of them is an interesting one, cause Cain and Justin (the boys in this bareback vid) are both tops. You can’t deny that’s an interesting match!

The video starts outside, with the boys fooling around a bit. It doesn’t take long before they both whipe out their cocks, which leads to some mutual cocksucking. When the boys are fully erected, Cain is the one to stick a wet finger in Justin’s hole and prepares him for what’s about to come. Justin’s ass is very tight and you can hear Cain saying it’s hard to get in.

After playing with Justin’s ass for a while, Cain slides his cock in and starts to fuck him. His moves are gently at first, but when the guys move indoors, the fucking get harder and rougher. It’s nice to see an experienced top, taking a thick cock up his ass. He seems to enjoy the pounding and moans harder with every thrust of Cain’s man shaft. This is truly one of the best bareback movies at Corbin Fisher. The video end with two great loads of warm spunk, allover Justin’s abs, cock and balls.

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