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Pavel and Jayden in a bareback flip flop

Sean Cody 29 December 2012 | 0 Comments

Pavel and Jayden bareback

The last time I saw Jayden, he was pretty calm. I remember thinking that he had a surprising lack of nerves for a first timer. This time, however, was different. He was really nervous. So nervous, in fact, that within a few minutes his underarm sweat had soaked through his shirt!

“Boy you are nervous!” I said, stating the obvious to break the ice. “Yeah, I am…” he said. I didn’t have to ask why. Jayden was going to get fucked for the first time!

Luckily, Pavel was there with him. “Why don’t you fuck me first?” he suggested with a big smile. That turned out to be a good idea because once Jayden started pounding away at Pavel’s ass his nerves disappeared. “OK,” Pavel said. “Now it’s my turn. I want to fuck your tight ass!”

Watch the full bareback video here

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Daddy Raunch: bareback threesome

HDK Raw,Trial Memberships 28 December 2012 | 0 Comments

Daddy Raunch

Hot Desert Knights brings you it’s hottest, most extreme Daddy DVD yet, Daddy Raunch! Featuring top Daddy Porn Stars Tober Brandt, Parker and Mason Garet, this scene goes over the top and under the holes in no hold bars sling fuck, bareback orgy action!

Big cocks pound holes as these real men grunt, groan and grovel for every piece of raw ass juice they can suck and fuck. These filthy men love to shoot assloads of cum then lick it out of the dirty hole. Extreme anal action as only Hot Desert Knights can produce. You need to see it to believe it!!

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Muscle hunk Abe barebacks Ryan

Sean Cody 21 December 2012 | 0 Comments

Abe barebacks Ryan

For a guy who I thought would never come back, Abe has turned into a really fantastic top! He’s enthusiastic, he’s powerful, and he’s passionate. Plus he has dick that doesn’t stop and he loves to satisfy his partners.

And as for his partners, they’ve all been giving him rave reviews! I though for sure that Joshua had fallen in love with him, and nowRyan…

“Oh my fucking god,” he said, like a little kid getting a new toy (OK maybe not exactly like that but you get the idea). “This is so much fun.” I could tell that Ryan was really enjoying himself. He’s a little power bottom and getting the shit fucked out of him by a hot muscle top really made for a very good day!

Watch the full length bareback scene

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Ben Reed and Max Born in Jizz Injection 5

HDK Raw 18 December 2012 | 0 Comments

Ben Reed and Max Born bareback

Ben Reed is pulling a toolbox backwards when he bumps into another “toolbox,” Max Born. Instantly these two grease monkeys are hot for one another; “it’s so good” says Max. Agreeing to service one another before they go back to servicing cars, this HDK Raw video is “Jizz Injection #5.”

Max starts by undressing Ben. Grinding into one another, it doesn’t take long before they face each other, poking out in all the right places. Max takes over and finishes pulling off the rest of their clothing; their “poignant” cocks seem to tell the story, bouncing out of their underwear. Max grabs his cock and starts to inspect Ben’s asshole; Max’s “dipstick” is ready to go deep. Ben’s sweet ass reverberates as it is slapped, first by Max’s hand, then by Max’s cock.

Working his way in with a bit of spit, both moan from the start. Ben watches Max as he is fucked; Max keeps his eyes on “the prize.” Close up, Max continues to thrust until his “tool” is fully engaged. The grease on Max’s hands transfers onto Ben’s sweaty body and both are enthralled to be “working” together.

Ben then services Max, orally. He pulls and sucks on his partner, who loves this mechanic’s technique. Zooming in, Ben seems to have a real interest in Max’s head; big tools always seem to get the best use. Max then bends down to swallow Ben as he sucks and jerks the shaft. Up close, you can see Max’s attention to detail; he alternates spitting, sucking and stroking. Switching back, Max’s “tool” is again given a “once more over” as Ben’s mouth keeps it stiff and satisfied. Again working the tip of Max’s cock, Max now wants more than just a tongue and goes back in.

Ben thrusts back onto Max’s waiting cock; “oh yeah” they both moan. They then change positions and Max holds one of Ben’s legs up in order to really “get under the hood.” Ben begins to stroke and within a few minutes, he bends down to take Max’s big juicy load, right on the cheek. Ben then stands and Max goes down to spot his partner. As Ben shoots, he hits Max in the eye and all down his cheek. Now these grease monkeys can get back to work; “topped off,” they are ready to roll in another car.

Watch Jizz Injection 5 at HDK Raw

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Ashton and Coner bareback for Sean Cody

Sean Cody 13 December 2012 | 0 Comments

Ashton barebacks Coner

We had gotten an early start and the guys hadn’t eaten yet. We had some extra time so Ashton suggested we cook up a little food. And, of course, he wanted to do it naked. When Ashton took his clothes off to put on nothing but an apron, I looked over at Coner who was sneaking a peek. He definitely liked what he saw!

“Oh wow,” Coner whispered to me. “Did you see how big his dick is?” “Um, I’ve seen in a few times,” I joked. “It is nice!” “Let’s finish up here so you can fuck me!” he said to Ashton.

Ashton went over and put his arms around him and nibbled his ear. Ashton is romantic like that… he likes to take his time. After breakfast, they snuggled a little and got to know each other. I could tell they really anxious to fuck. Coner definitely got his wish! Ashton gave him a good fucking… his legs were wobbly afterward!

Watch this bareback scene at Sean Cody

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