Dalton barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody 15 September 2012 | 0 Comments

Dalton barebacks Pierce

I’m not sure that Pierce was prepared for someone like Dalton! “I think he is going to be a lot to handle!” Pierce said with a little giggle as we were walking down the beach. “Why do you say that?” “I don’t know… I guess I’ve just never seen a guy this excited,” he said. “Usually I’m the hyper one, running around bouncing off the walls!”

It was true. Dalton was very excited. It was almost as if, for him, everything was too much to process. “See this is how you do it!” Pierce said, taking the lead and pulling Dalton against a big rock. They started making out with the waves splashing against them. Dalton was grinding his crotch against Pierce’s.

“Um guys…” I said hesitantly. “What if someone walks by?” I didn’t really care but I wanted to see what they would say! “I told you,” Dalton said with a big smile, “I love awkward moments, and that would definitely be a score!”

I could tell this was going to be an adventurous day! We piled back into the car and before we had our seat belts fastened Pierce had Dalton’s dick out. “How about some road head?” Pierce said, not waiting for a response as he leaned in.

Dalton was really enjoying it, until we pulled up next to a bus and were full-on busted! Of course, looking at the bus driver, Dalton’s eyes lit up. “This is fun! I’m ready to fuck!”

Watch the full length bareback video here

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