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Brandon barebacks Brodie’s tight ass

Sean Cody 31 August 2012 | 0 Comments

Brandon barebacks Brodie's ass

“Well, well!” I said with my eyes wide. “Look who we have here.” Brodie rushed up out of his chair and gave me a big hug. “It’s really good to see you again!” he said. It had been a while. I had been trying to get him back repeatedly to, well, get fucked… raw. He had said ‘no’ many times, but I am persistent! “What if I put with you with someone who is really hot?” I asked him on the phone. “And nice too?”

There was a long pause. He didn’t say ‘no’ again and I knew what he was thinking. “What if he has a ‘husband-sized’ dick?” Brodie laughed. He knew what I meant. I joke sometimes that a ‘husband-sized’ dick is one that’s just the right size… not too big and not too small. So that was why he was there, giving me a hug, ready to get fucked!

Brandon was also there. “And you look happy!” I said to him. “I always am when I’m here,” he replied, looking at the floor. I’m always surprised that Brandon is so shy, especially considering how hot he is. However, he’s not shy when he’s naked and he was ready to fuck!

We didn’t waste any time, and it turned out that Brandon’s cock was a perfect match for Brodie. Brandon was pushing all the right buttons, because Brodie was close to cumming pretty much the entire time. “It feels weird, but in a good way,” he explained. “I feel tingly!” “It’s probably because he’s hitting your sweet spot!” I said.

Brandon’s balls were slapping Brodie’s ass, and Brandon was pounding hard. Before we knew it Brandon was pushing his warm load into Brodie’s hole. “It feels like a warm ass massage!” Brodie said. He seemed to really enjoy knowing Brandon’s cum was deep inside of him!

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Alex Stevens barebacks Thor

HDK Raw,Trial Memberships 31 August 2012 | 0 Comments

Alex Stevens barebacks Thor

Well looks like these two boys are studying hard; everybody likes to have some schooling, must be Health class. HDK Raw has for our education “Bareback Campus 4“.

Two boys find time to do some extra research into human sexuality; fuck yeah, got to love them college boys. Alex Stevens will be in the cap, fucking Thor. Both guys are hot enough to eat; where’s the cafeteria? Let’s grab ‘a dog’ before the education begins.

As Alex goes first on sucking the cock, they both seem to receive pleasure from the oral stimulation. Thor grabs Thor’s legs, to bring him closer. The top devours, also sliding his hand in his pants, to fondle. Both guys have cocks to please.

Thor then takes his turn tasting the other one; he spits on the cock as he “reddens” the meat. Choking as he swallows, Alex face fucks the bottom, truly a girthy cock. Using his tongue on the shaft, the top is moaning and panting, wanting to fuck. Bending Thor over a trunk, Alex begins to rim his partner, eagerly.

After fingering the “bull’s-eye,” Alex plunges in; his ass muscles flex as he fucks the other schoolboy. When it comes to ass play, school is the best place to learn. The two will continue their lesson as I am sure we will return to this “class” again.

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Abdul Hussein barebacks Mario Vincent

HDK Raw 14 August 2012 | 0 Comments

Abdul Hussein barebacks Mario Vincent

Abdul Hussein (top) and Mario Vincent (bottom) are here to show us what real men do. Mario’s ass is in need of a good fuck. Luckily, as Mario walks inside, Abdul is working on his cock. In this “Milking Massive Dicks” from, bareback fucking is the true measure of a man. These two men both have hard boners to use.

Mario goes down on Abdul’s big cock. He laps up all of Abdul’s meat and swallows it whole. Abdul is more than aroused as he plays with Mario’s hole, with his foot. The camera angles up from below, Abdul penetrates deep; Mario moves his cock and balls out of the way so that his partner can have full access. Mario also likes to be spanked. Something that Abdul is more than willing to accommodate him with. Ruby red hand prints cover Mario’s ass.

Moving to a chair, Mario now rides atop Abdul; Mario strokes his hardened cock, while he bounces. Abdul wants back in control and puts Mario on bottom. Abdul stands above him and slams his cock into Mario. Mario is eager to cum and jerks as he moans. Within a few minutes, Mario blows his load on top of his stomach; creamy white jizz splashes up onto him.

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