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Matt West breeds Gabriel D’Alessandro

Hot Barebacking 25 May 2012 | 0 Comments

Matt West barebacks Gabriel D'Alessandro

Beefy golden-boy Matt West makes his debut to Hot Barebacking to breed porn veteran Gabriel D’Alessandro. Gabriel starts off by stripping Matt down and sucking on his thick meat and massive low-hanging balls till he begins to get hard and starts face-fucking the Latin hottie. Gabriel then lays Matt on his back, spreading his thick thighs apart to get to his virgin asshole, which he begins to tongue and feast on.

With Matt now worked up, Gabriel decides to deep-throat Matt till he is rock-hard and then lies down on the bed doggie-style and presents his tight hole, which Matt plunges his huge thick cock into and starts hammering away. With Matt’s gigantic balls slapping against Gabriel’s ass with every thrust, Matt throws the hungry bottom to the floor and continues pummeling his hole with stabbing thrusts.

Matt continues to make Gabriel his little bitch as he holds his legs up high over his head and fucks him even harder , until he bends him over the bed and plows the hell out of his ass, driving Gabriel to squirt a huge load all over his stomach, which Matt feeds into his mouth. Shortly after, Matt directs Gabe’s mouth back onto his dick and then jerks his huge cock, until it explodes with creamy jizz all over Gabriel’s face and mouth, which he licks clean.

Watch the full length video right here

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Mr. Pipe fucks Wanted’s hungry ass

Red Hot Latinos,Trial Memberships 23 May 2012 | 0 Comments

Mr. Pipe fucks Wanted's hungry ass

Wanted’s from Arkansas, and says he’s hungry today. ”I’m gonna give you some protein,” declares the dreadlocked Mr. Pipe’. Wanted starts working Pipe’s tool in his hot mouth, fingering his low weighty balls lying on the leather sofa. ”Good job on that pipe,” he compliments as Wanted plays with the head of his nearly foot-long dick. Then

Wanted is pinned down on the couch, watching Mr. Pipe slam his bareback cock deep into his used hole. ”You like that raw dick in that ass?” asks Mr. Pipe. ”That’s what’s up!” retorts Wanted, which just makes Pipe pile drive him even harder. Wanted is rewarded with a face covered in hot homeboy jizz.

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Well hung boys in a raw flip flop fuck

Breed Me Raw 16 May 2012 | 0 Comments

Billy Drake and Zack Black bareback

Not too often to I have twink boys in my movies but I can make an exception, especially when they come with 8 and 9 inch cocks that like to fuck bareback! Billy Drake has the bigger 9″ cock and starts by shoving it down the throat of his bed buddy Zack Black.  

Zack of course can’t swallow it all so after a few minutes of mutual sucking Billy finds out that Zack can take it all up his ass raw.  Zack sits right down on that big fucker and takes it like a good bitch boy but flips Billy over and shows him how to take a nice 8″ raw cock.

Download the full video at Breed Me Raw

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Foster barebacks Eli

Chaosmen RAW 4 May 2012 | 0 Comments

Foster barebacks Eli-

I don’t know what it is about watching Foster suck dick, but he sure looks like he is happy doing it! His dick gets hard, and he does seem like he is trying his best to please his partner. I think he was also into Eli’s big cock…kind of like sucking on his own dick.

Eli likes to rim, and we got some cool under shots. I just love seeing Foster’s cock hammer hard while he gets his salad tossed. He still won’t bottom, but he sure enjoys the anal attention. Maybe there is hope?

Regardless of him bottoming, he is such an amazing top, and Eli can ride a cock like no other. He bounces up and down on Foster’s big dick and when he runs out of steam, Foster really starts banging him.

We try a new position since I know Foster just never wilts until he busts. Kind of a T-position. It seems like the angle is a little off, but Eli really had a chance to play with his cock and got bone-hard from the fucking.

Eli and I were talking before the shoot, and he swears he had not cum while being fucked before. I thought he had, but no, but he was willing to give it a try. Foster fucks him right at the prostate point, and sure enough Eli blows an intense load.

Foster is a distance shooter, and it always worries me that he is like 2-feet away from busting on the hole. He usually nails the hole with laser precision. But his first squirt falls short and then he quickly recovers the next couple squirts to the proper target. He even shoves it in and finishes unloading inside of Eli.

Watch the full length video here

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