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Darius, Eli and Solomon in a bareback 3some

Chaosmen RAW 18 March 2012 | 0 Comments

Darius, Eli and Solomon-

I think maybe Darius is happiest with a dick in his mouth AND in his ass! He is definitely an enigma. Identifies as straight, has a girlfriend, watches straight porn to get hard, but geeez, when he is on set, he sure looks like he is having fun in every way possible!

Same could be said for Eli I guess. He just knows how to have a good time, with a boy or a girl. Solomon, on the other hand, still is a little timid in taking charge. This was his first time pushing his boundaries with two other dudes. He was concerned about “all that cock flying around.”

Turns out, all we had to do was make him the center of attention to start with. Having his dick sucked by two eager mouths got him going, and he got off to sucking dick while having his own cock sucked. Progress! Even doing a triad of sucking kept everyone going.

Eli knows the best way to prep an ass for fucking is to eat it out, though I don’t know how much prepping Darius needs to have his ass encouraged to take a cock. I think Solomon was just happy he wasn’t taking Eli’s ginormous piece of meat. He stares in wonder as Eli easily slides his cock into Darius who was more than happy to bounce around on it with Solomon’s dick in his mouth.

Solomon then fucks Darius on his back and Eli sucks on Darius’s cock. Worked out pretty good, but Darius kept wanting to bust.

So we switched gears and had Eli and Darius use a double-ended dildo. I knew Solomon would get-off to dominating the two of them and making them take the dildo up their asses. I wasn’t wrong. His evil streak really shows!

For the finale, we went back to Solomon fucking Darius while Eli sucked his cock. Just a little bit of jerking and we had Darius busting all over the place. Solomon ramps up and cums all over Darius’s freshly spent cock, and Eli laps up both their loads.

Solomon goes around and makes Darius clean off his cock. Eli’s aims his load for Darius eager hole, and breeds him good. A few cute OutTakes at the end too! This is an awesome TagTeam with three guys pushing it to the max!

Watch this bareback TagTeam video at Chaosmen

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Kaikie & Junior stranded on Bareback Island

SD Boy 12 March 2012 | 0 Comments

Kaikie barebacks Junior at SD Boy

Kaikie is a hot looking, well-built top, who has his eye on Junior. Junior works Kaikie’s uncut cock to rock hard status, then bends over a large rock and opens his hungry hole for Kaikie’s raw cock. Junior gets pounded from all angles till both studs explode and shoot their big loads!

Watch Stranded on Bareback Island at SD Boy

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Liev barebacks Phillip at Sean Cody

Sean Cody 11 March 2012 | 0 Comments

Sean Cody bareback scenes

“So what do you think?” I asked Liev. “What do you mean?” “What do you think of this guy?” I pointed toPhillip. Liev got a bit grin on his face. “He’s fun. He’s Russian. Russians are fun!” Then they both said something in Russian that I think meant “brothers.” But I don’t know.

They started exploring each other’s bodies and Liev was very direct… “Oh I like this!” he said as he rubbed Phillip’s furry abs. “This is fuzzy.” “You don’t have any fuzz?” Phillip asked. “No.” “No? Well you can have some today!”

The two of them had a great time together. Phillip, who says he is normally a top, was in heaven with Liev’s dick inside him. Afterward, Liev said, “I think this is the most chemistry I have had with someone… maybe you guys should pair me up with more Russians!”

Watch the full bareback video at Sean Cody

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Hot bareback flip flop fuck

$1 Memberships,Naked Sword 9 March 2012 | 0 Comments

Bone Me with Chase Lyons and Jesse Bryce

Jesse Bryce and Chase Lyons are paired up for a video called “Bone Me”. Both the Californian surfer dude Jesse Bryce and cute blong Chase Lyons are horny and when they strip naked, their cocks are rock hard already.

The hot guys waste no time and start sucking each other off. Just when you think their cocks can’t get any harder, they prove you wrong. It doesn’t take long before Chase forces his raw cock into Jesse’s hungry ass. He fucks that ass hard in various positions.

But Jesse wants his piece of ass too and demands Chase to offer him his ass. Chase agrees and lays down on the couch and pulls his legs up in order to give Jesse easy access to his own hole. It’s an amazing bareback flip flop fuck with two hot guys. Enjoy!

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Curtis barebacks Pierce

Sean Cody 8 March 2012 | 0 Comments

Curtis barebacks Pierce

“You have a little crush, don’t you?” “I do,” Curtis replied. “I like him.” Curtis was really, really into Pierce! “He’s the most beautiful model I’ve ever seen,” Curtis said. Pierce was equally smitten.

“You’ve seen the website?” “Of course.” “So you know how big his dick is?” “It’s huge!” Pierce said with wide eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pierce smile so much.

“Is this what love feels like?” “Yes,” Pierce said, with a big grin. Now, Curtis usually likes to bottom. He loves stuff in his ass. But today, he wanted to fuck. “I’ve almost cum five or six times with his dick in my ass!” Pierce said…

Watch the full bareback scene at Sean Cody

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Straight Guys Bareback Fuck

Chaosmen RAW 1 March 2012 | 0 Comments

Dwight barebacks Kristopher-

There are so many gorgeous young muscled guys on the Chaosmen site, but young shy Dwight is one of the hottest in my opinion. He started out on the site a couple of years ago, and it took a little persuading to get him feeding his cock to another guy.

But you know what straight guys are like when they’ve had their first feel of another dudes wet mouth around their dick – he’s been back plenty since then! But this time Brian (the guy who runs Chaosmen) decided to team him up with a real hunk of a guy in inked Kristopher!

Kristopher actually started off by saying he was straight, but it turned out that he had always had a little fetish for dick in his mind. That really came through in his videos too as he came back again and again to suck straight cock and do a whole lot more besides!

This is one of those videos that I know is gonna become one of the most popular on the site. Seeing straight guys bareback fucking on video is always gonna be seriously hot, but when you see how horny Kristopher is for that dick as they suck each other off, and how hard Dwight’s straight cock stays all the way through, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Kristopher is an animal when it comes to fucking, and although he would love to slide his boner into Dwight’s hot virgin hole when he sees that twitching opening, he’s definitely more than happy to impale himself on that straight cock and really take it for a ride!

This guy gets fucked all over the bed, and I mean in every way you can imagine, before he’s finally back riding that cock and jacking himself off, desperate to shoot his load.

Kristopher can always cum hard with a dick up his chute, and as he fires off his rounds of spooge it rains down over Dwight’s muscled chest and abs. That sends our straight guy into a real need to bust his nutt and he pulls his meat stick from Kristopher’s convulsing ass and starts to squirt his semen everywhere!

There’s so much cum flooding out of that cock, and Kristopher wants some of it in his hole. He grabs that shaft and slides it back in, slick with fresh spooge and making some of the most delicious squelching sounds as the warm load lines his fuck hole!

This is one seriously horny video, and watching these straight guys bareback will have you cumming hard. Make sure you have a towel ready!

Watch the full length scene at Chaosmen

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