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Jarek barebacks Curtis at Sean Cody

Sean Cody 8 February 2012 | 0 Comments

Jarek barebacks Curtis

Jarek had been away for a couple of months. When he returned, it seemed he’d gotten kind of furry. “I grew it out just for you,” he joked when I asked him about it. His chest was nice and hairy, and his arms, legs and ass were covered in dark fur!

Curtis definitely liked what he saw, but I think his attention was more directed toward Jarek’s big cock! As I’ve said before, Curtis is an expert cock swallower. I mean, the guy has almost no gag reflex. He was able to take Jarek’s dick all the way down to the balls. “I’ve never been sucked that deep before,” Jarek said afterward. “It was pretty amazing!”

Now, it’s no secret that Curtis likes a big one. It has to be long and thick in order to hit him in all the right places. “Fuck me!” he ordered, as Jarek went into him. I could tell that he really liked it! Jarek was fucking him hard when Curtis blew a big load unexpectedly. “I couldn’t help it,” he said. “It felt really good!”

But Curtis is a horny stud and he wanted to keep going. They fucked for another hour or so and Curtis was able to work up another load (which he shot into his own mouth)!

Download the full video at Sean Cody

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Buster Sly takes it from Christian Rock

Breed Me Raw 2 February 2012 | 0 Comments

Christian Rock barebacks Buster Sly

Christian Rock is one of those men I think any guy would become a gay bottom slut for. His big meaty raw cock is such a delicious sight I think even the most dedicated top would have to get on his back to take that thing in his hole.

And this video from the guys over at Breed Me Raw kinda shows the power that dude and his cock have over men like Buster Sly! Buster is usually all about sliding his hung black cock into another guys ass and bareback power fucking him to a messy end, but when he meets up with Christian Rock all that changes!

The usually dominant dude heads south, sucking on that pink shaft and working it up, getting it thick and hard for his black muscle ass. Christian can’t help but get a taste of some dark meat too though, eager to return the favor and gobble down Buster Sly’s inches.

Spinning around to the back, Christian licks and slurps all over that tight raw hole, lubing it up with his spit as he prepares to bareback the guy and fuck the load from his cock.

All bets are off as our black top goes gay bottom and feels the raw pink shaft of Christian Rock sliding into his ass and taking him for a ride, fucking him with force and slamming that dick all the way into his soft tunnel.

But you can guarantee one thing – this can only end with a whole lot of hot fresh cum splashing from those cocks and being enjoyed by both horny fuckers once that ass becomes too hot and horny to handle!

++ Check out the movie trailer

Get the full length video at Breed Me Raw

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