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Dennis and Pierce in a bare flip flop fuck

Sean Cody 30 January 2012 | 0 Comments

Dennis and Pierce flip flop

Dennis and I were sitting on a bed while Pierce was shaving in the other room. “What do you think?” I asked Dennis in a low voice, nodding my head toward Pierce. “He’s a big boy!” Dennis said. “I love the Marine tattoos too.” “Are you ready for him?” “Yes! This is going to be fun!”

Dennis loves to get fucked by the younger guys, so I knew he would enjoy this. We started out in the hot tub, and Pierce was enjoying the attention. It was a cold but sunny day and they both the enjoyed the heat of the water. After a relaxing soak they went inside. Pierce was eager to fuck Dennis.

After giving Dennis a good pounding, Pierce said he wanted to get fucked. “I’m in the mood,” he said shyly, like he was doing something wrong!

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JJ Rossi bareback fucked by Kirby Thomas

Hot Barebacking 24 January 2012 | 0 Comments

Kirby Thomas barebacks JJ Rossi

If you like lean muscle and long cocks, this video from the guys at Hot Barebacking is probably gonna have you emptying those swollen balls of yours a few times! Of course, fans of the site and their awesome videos know that the real highlight of this action is seeing those shafts sliding into some ass raw. This is all about the gay bareback action after all!

JJ Rossi is ready to take some dick in his ass, slowly stroking his hard prick as he lays back on the bed ready to be discovered by the horny and hung Kirby Thomas.

He likes what he sees when he arrives, and in a flash his long and curved boner is sliding into JJ Rossi’s wet mouth, being sucked down and licked all over. I love to see a hot cock like that being totally worshipped, and JJ Rossi certainly knows how to take a face fucking, having those inches sliding in and out of his open throat!

But that guy needs more than the taste of hot cock meat and salty precum in his mouth to get his cock firing off, he needs those inches sliding deep into his chute! He’s after the gay bareback action from Kirby Thomas, and that’s what he gets as those hard inches of cock slide into his raw hole and prod deep.

JJ fights that familiar pain as all that dick rams into him, but soon he’s over the hump, taking that sliding piston of throbbing muscle in and out of his bare chute and savoring the sensation of that swollen fuck stick ramming him deep and smacking against his sensitive prostate.

JJ’s thick dick is hard and twitching all the way through as Kirby rides his hole all over the bedroom, fucking him in every position they can find before their balls just can’t take it any more and they both erupt in messy and squirting cum loads that splash all over that hot and sweaty muscle!

It’s an awesome bareback fuck shoot from this site, and one of my favorites so far I think. I’ve already shot two loads to this one, and I think there’s another wad getting ready for another jerk off after telling you about this video!

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Curtis and Liev in a bareback flip flop fuck

Sean Cody 22 January 2012 | 0 Comments

Curtis and Liev fuck bare at Sean Cody

Curtis and Liev were flirty with each other right from the beginning. Curtis was happy to be back. I hadn’t seen him in over a year and it didn’t seem like he’d changed a bit. He’s a southern boy who likes to get fucked! Liev had a big smile on his face. He was ready to go.

One thing I had forgotten about Curtis is that he can deep throat a cock like nobody else. Liev has a pretty long one, and Curtis had to work up to it, but he took the whole thing into his throat to the point that tears came to his eyes. And Liev loved that! Curtis is also very capable when it comes to taking a dick up his ass. A lot of guys have to take it slow, edging down until their hole adjusts. But not Curtis.

He sat right down on Liev’s cock all the way to the balls on the first try! I loved how aggressive both of them became… Liev slapping Curtis’ ass and saying “Ride that cock,” Curtis pushing back and saying “Fuck me.”

Liev surprised me by saying that he wanted to take a turn getting fucked. Curtis pushed his huge mushroom head in and Liev gave it a good try. To be honest, I think Curtis was too big for Liev. But they both had fun and then went back to Curtis on the bottom. After a good, long pounding, Curtis blew a nice, big load… quite a few squirts, with his balls clenched really tight!

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