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Trapboyy barebacks Skinny Pimp

Red Hot Latinos 28 December 2011 | 0 Comments

Trapboyy barebacks Skinny Pimp

Light-skinned Trapboyy and midnight beauty Skinny Pimp sit on the couch while the director interviews them. Trapboyy is wearing a wife beater and a cigarette behind his ear, while Skinny Pimp nervously fingers his ripped jeans. “He’s got a tight little black booty,” explains Trapboyy, “and I been waitin’ to get in it.”

The director orders him, “I wanna see a little pain. I don’t want it to be too easy.” Trapboyy promises, “I’m gonna fuck this boy stupid.” Soon Skinny Pimp turns his baseball cap around and dives into Trapboyy’s crotch, taking the long curved cock all the way to his tonsils. With his shoes still on, Skinny Pimp gets up on all fours and gyrates his hard ass on to Trapboyy’s raw pole. “Don’t stop!” he moans while Trapboyy barebacks his hungry hole, ramming his rod without mercy.

Then Skinny Pimp is on top of his dick, jamming it in to the hilt, working his hips down on it. “Shoot it in there, daddy!” and Trapboyy complies with a river of jizz dripping out of the hole down his heavy ball sack. “Ready for the second one?” he asks. He sits Skinny Pimp on the couch and delivers even more streams of cum across his face and goatee. Skinny Pimp sucks the head to make sure he’s got it all, sending his own load flying over his tight abs.

Download the full video here

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Kent barebacks Jake at Chaosmen Raw

Chaosmen RAW 19 December 2011 | 0 Comments

Kent barebacks Jake-

Kent wanted a chance to really fuck a guy.  Ya know, go fast and furious. Enter Jake L., an eager bottom willing to please. Jake was quite happy to suck on Kent’s over-sized cock, and I do believe Kent was impressed with his ability to suck his big cock.

To get started fucking, Jake likes to be pretty much laying on his stomach- it just seems to break him in and loosened up for some big cockage. The problem is, you just can’t see penetration.  The dude’s balls usually hang down and though it is natural position for us gay guys to fuck in, it’s just not conducive for filming porn.

But we tried it anyway, and I actually got some good angles of the penetration. After that, Jake was ready to get fucked in all sorts of ways, and we even get some spooning action, which is dang hard to do unless the Top has a long dick  and stays hard. I love it ‘cuz we get to see everything at once…two hard cocks, penetration, and even their faces.

Another great thing about working with Jake and Kent is both stay hard, and Kent could fuck a rather demanding bottom like Jake till Jake nuts. He must love that feeling of being pounded while jerking his cock. He sure unloads a lot! Kent matches him in the DNA dispersal department, juicing his ass and fucking him with his cum. These two guys definitely worked well together, and it shows!

Download the full video at Chaosmen

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