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Ransom barebacks Taylor

Chaosmen RAW 27 November 2010 | 0 Comments

There is no getting around it. Taylor is an awesome Top. He’s aggressive, takes delight in watching his thick cock split someone in two, and eager to fill someone’s hole with his load. But he wants to be a team player and also wants to mix things up a bit. He takes the initiative, not wanting to be a One Note Player.  He did bottom for Nash, but he really struggled to find any pleasure in bottoming.

We both thought it was time for him to be properly fucked, and Ransom had the perfect dick to do it. But I wanted to play off of the video that Taylor did with Bastian. Taylor tied him up and had his way with him, but this time we would reverse the roles. Ransom loosely binds Taylor’s hands and then face fucks him. We even get some POV Cam in there. Very hot to see him bound up and force fed a cock.

Then my next goal was to get a butt plug up him and have it stay in him a good long while so his asshole would be nice and loosened up for the fucking. Of course Ransom makes him suck his dick some more while Taylor keeps his butt plugged ass in the air. Finally Ransom takes it out, and eases his  cock in…and no shrieks of pain from Taylor this time! In fact, it got him hard!

Ransom fucks him good, and I think Taylor is no longer afraid to bottom. Though he still likely going to be top dog most of the time..he is just too dominant. The dominant side come out a third of the way into the movie. Taylor gets up on the bed and makes Ransom finally suck his cock.  We get some fun POV cam on that too. Finally, Taylor is back in his element, teasing and toying with Ransom’s hole with his fat cock.  Some POV cam here as well and you can see that Taylor has a little malicious side to him as he forces his cock on Ransom.

I timed this video so Ransom would have a cock in his ass just long enough that it would make him cum. Followers of the site know that Ransom is often jumping off the cock that is banging him for fear he is going to cum. So this time I just let him unload as Taylor fucks the cum out of him. Taylor takes a few moments to ramp his cock up hard, and as always, delivers a perfect load all over Ransom’s  hole, then stuffs it in, cum dripping from the top and bottom of Ransom’s hole.

We leave with Taylor fingering the cum, shoving any that got away back in up inside of Ransom.

Download the full video here

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Mikee and Kiko fuck Mike’s virgin hole

Rookie Guys 18 November 2010 | 0 Comments

Mike Strandy is about to get a lesson in breaking rank when he gets his asshole broken open for the first time by Kiko Hyde and Mikee! These boys pull out their uncut beef bayonets and take turns riding Mike’s virgin asshole bareback to finally dump their hot loads into Mike’s mouth and tight  asshole!

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Cameron fucks Marco bareback

Raw Films 17 November 2010 | 0 Comments

Well hung Cameron Jackson receives some on-site maintenance to both his webcam and big fat uncut cock by dark haired Marco Filipi. As Filipi deepthroats him, Jackson is reaching over and fingering his shaved butt hole. Jackson fucks him bare on his back, all fours, on his side and eventually Filipi impales himself on the blond’s cock and bounces up and down until Jackson cums over his back and arse.

Dowload the full video here

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Parker rides Dante bareback

Chaosmen RAW 11 November 2010 | 0 Comments

This video has a little secret right in the center of it. One that Parker didn’t share with me until we took a break. As I have said in the past, Dante has resigned himself to being a bottom, despite his domineering attitude. Truth be told, the dude can take pretty much any dick I have shoved in him. And Parker is actually quite hung.

The pairing seemed a little off to me- Lean tall muscular Parker with beefy mature Dante. But geez, when they got in the room togethere they went at it full-tilt, full-energy, and full-thrust! Parker fucks Dante with wild abandon! Now the secret is Parker came twice in this video.

While Parker was fucking Dante doggy-style, I was underneath getting an under shot. Now normally, we have to start and stop during filming to get hard (Yeah..they are straight and have to watch a little straight porn to get back in the zone), but Parker was rockin’ hard this time and he just kept riding him bare. Like he hasn’t been able to fuck anyone before. Dante was really taking it!

And then white stuff started oozing out of Dante’s ass. Sure enough between takes, Parker admitted that he “kinda” came while fucking him but he was staying hard and thought he could bust a second time. So didn’t bother mentioning it or make any noise the he was cumming. He knew I would worry that his dick would be out of commission for a couple hours.

Turns out he was a bit wobbly when he lays down and Dante rides him. I will be damned if he didn’t get that sucker hard and up in him in no time. Seriously, we didn’t take even a 3 minute break- Just enough time for me to smack my head and say, “You came?!?!” Parker also fucked Dante with the POV cam and he is just so hard in these shots. It’s pretty amazing. Holding that cam and fucking a dude (a hairy dude too!) presents a special challenge for the “advanced” performers.

Parker delivers his second nut on Dante’s hole and then breeds him again. We give Dante a break to ramp up, and he shoots like four loads straight up in the air!

Download the full video at Chaosmen RAW

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Heath rides Gerin bare

Chaosmen RAW 2 November 2010 | 0 Comments

So I had several issues I wanted to solve during this video. Gerin is a voracious bottom, but he seldom stays hard while being fucked, which is odd cuz the straight guys usually don’t have too many issues standing at attention while being fucked. Gerin is certainly enjoying it, but what’s missing for him is….The Daddy Effect.

Gerin is gay, but he likes his guys mature. Oh he likes a really big cock as much as next power bottom, but add some gray hair in there and a dominating voice and he gets way turned on. He actually thinks I’m hot, proving there is just no accounting for taste! (and perhaps airing this film after the Serviced video early this week is a bit too much “Bryan”)

My other issue was, well, doing something different. I myself have tried doing some POV work with my There series. I tried doing it once with Felix, and then one other attempt where I wasn’t part of it. And despite my numerous appearances, I try to lay low in most of the videos. (Yeah I know, hard to believe.)

But I wanted to give the POV thing another try and I thought I could solve two problems at once. In other words, get Bossy with Gerin. Integrate myself into the video so I could keep him hard and turned on, and at the same time, give you all the feeling that you are There, taking part in the scene.

You will all have to be the judge, but I think this video is VERY VERY hot. Everything but the kitchen sink thrown in! I’m not real fond of me being in it, but I dunno, there is just SOMETHING about this video that I think will appeal to most of my viewers. So don’t miss this movie. I don’t want to say much more, but I think it will be a fan favorite!

Download the full video here

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