Raw Power Bottom gets fucked

Dudes Raw 3 October 2010 | 0 Comments

The three muscle numbers involved in this hot scene are sex maniacs in their own right. Even so, after the two masculine tops plunk the equally buff bottom down on this huge, silver, swiveling disc (think sexual “lazy Suzan”), they take turns fucking his ass by a simple spin of the wheel. Then, they introduce their bottom’s butt to a “fucking machine”; an energetic device that’s business end is a huge dildo on a long, silver pole.

This bottom has never been happier. You can almost see his ass crack a smile as it eagerly accepts its robotic ramming. After watching this joy ride for a while, the two tops, not satisfied with letting a machine do a man’s job, resume their own energetic, bareback fuck-fest.

Download the full movie at Dudes RAW

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