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Breeding Two Brothas

Raw Rods 20 August 2010 | 0 Comments

Oh boy do we got something here for you all! Three hot as hell and horny ass brothas ready to do it raw all night long. These freaks aint stoppin for nothin! Hotrod takes over in this one, fucking both Isaiah and Rogue bare in any way he damn pleases. The two do their best to please Hotrod makin sure he gonna get that nut!

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Bareback flip flop fuck

Chaosmen RAW 9 August 2010 | 0 Comments

WOW! These two look really good together! Despite Randall’s fascination with playing with his ass, he really wanted to top the first time.  Now Bastian, really just wanted to work. He gave up the idea of being only a Top when he found out he could get more work being versatile (Look at how many scenes Teo and Nash have done!)

So Bastian was only a little worried about bottoming. He seems to have a high threshold for pain AND I think he is pretty kinky in his real sex life.  Also, his maturity really comes through as an accomplished and skilled fucker. They both start off sucking each other with great skill, and I think it’s a little unbelievable that Randall says he has never sucked cock, and well, even Bastian excels at it. But as far as I could tell from Randall, he said that was his first time.

Randall starts off by fucking Bastian, and he does struggle to stay hard. So mid shoot, he decides that he will bottom.  Sure enough getting fucked kept him hard!  What a surprise.

Randall definitely struggles with his attention and well, taking direction, and as much as I hate to do scenes where each model cums separately, it did allow for them both to cum on each other holes and do some cum dipping!

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